Wednesday, December 29, 2010

everyone has their fears

It's been six months since I'm in relation
with someone.
everyone have their own blind spots
their weaknesses and their fears.
for me, the hardest part being
in relation is falling so hard for someone.
for the one we love.
I don't need eyes when I can love blindly.
I never really take any love for granted.
True love is nothing when we slipped it away.
finding a true love is hard.
identifying a true love is hard too.
but one thing I know for sure
when you're in love,
love you partner with all your heart and soul.
no matter what happens. no matter how.
you got to be true to your partner.
I don't think loving your partner with all your
heart and soul counted as pathetic.
enormously caring is another side of me.
but but then all those things about my past
have taught me a lot.
I can go loving my guy fucking damn much,
but I won't, god's will
to cause him any problem.
awhh, come on. loving and having a good life is
always in the same wavelengths.
for me, I only fight
for thing that worth
fighting and dying for.
because we
work out for our relation,
pray hard to god,
and wait patiently
for the day
that we will be
together forever.
always bee bee.
thanks for giving me chance
to love you
with all my heart & soul.

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