Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WARdrobe with mommy

mom: I don't understand why u keep on buying clothes?
daughter: emm. being up to date with clothes mommy? 0.O
mom: ur closet upstairs already full with clothes. why aren't you wear everything?
daughter: gulp *gosh, mommy that clothes are all zaman jahiliah dulu when I was a total tomboy. can't you see I'm ur grown up princess? -.-' come on. I'm just being a little up to date with now-days fashion. do you forgot that I really wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little? bla bla bla* (too many excuses)

reminder: when we are about to be PARENTS, we kindda need to keep updated with surroundings and all. oh, and seriously you have to really tahu ur child's gender. bhahaha. I wonder why my dad like me to dress like a boy? o.O maybe he taught someday I can be so handsome like him? gosh, i look more like dean winchester from supernatural. sumpah tak tipu. HAHAHA. sebab tu kut daddy likes me to dress like a boy. wink* -.-'


  1. weh add skype ak faezakhalid23@y.c
    ak da deactve accnt fb. nk tnye ko smthng HAHA