Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the same old song

17th october 2010

do u remember the last time we
spent time together?
we went to watch sammy the turtle.
the last minute you're about to leave me,
I am totally lost.
asking myself badly what if we never meet again?
I cried. yes. because I felt so down and sad.
do u know everynite i would look up to the sky finding the brightest star,
wishing that we could meet again someday somewhere.
do you know that everytime u tell me maybe
we can meet pretty soon,
my heart fills with roses and flowers?
and when u tell me again that you're not sure about meeting me,
honestly, my heart crushed and I'm trying hard to calm myself.
I know, deep down inside u. u feel the same way too.
because I strongly believe that
our hearts beat the same rhythm.
sorry, this is what bothering me.
hmm. it's okay, I can handle myself.
there's nothing we can do rite?
except for praying to god, if fate decides that you're the one for me
in any place on the earth we will be together
forever. (:


  1. ade jodoh x ke mane..
    be strong girl :)

  2. yup yup.
    you're rite.
    thanks beby.

  3. oh, good things come to those who wait thou :) kan? hee