Tuesday, January 11, 2011

he lost his virginity at early age

My dad lost his virginity when he was
18. before marriage.
without wearing any protection,
the woman he lost his virgin with got pregnant.
That is my step-brother, Kelvin.
Kalvin and I are very close.
sharing stuffs and all.
I never met Kelvin's mom obviously,
when she last disappeared after dad married my mom.
that what they've said.
I don't even care bout her.
I want to share my story here, as all of you know,
I'm a big grownup teenage, I am currently 20.
I can do anything I like.
do you know that,
knowing my dad lost his virgin at the early age
makes me really want to lost mine too.
I want to know how does it feels like
to lost my virginity at this very young age.

I had conversations with Kelvin.
I once asked him,
when did he lost his virginity.
do you know what he said?
he said he really don't want to be like
his dad and his mom.
Daddy past ways have influenced Kelvin
by learning how to protect himself
from having a child at the early age
from happening & also learn to wait
because at the end it's for a good reason.

people always said that
the sensation is worth it
if you save ur virginity
until marriage.
which on the second thought;
What happens when on the wedding night
and subsequent nights if you
realize your sexual tastes
are different with your mates?
does that shows that sex is vital?
From a purely practical perspective,
it also means that having lost one's virginity,
one can then go on to have more sex
and refine one's technique.

allright I'm giving reasons
why to have sex in early age.
Kelvin never seems to agree with me.
he said,
there are three things in life
that is really not worth it
to do or even try.
those three things are very addictive
you can easily get addicted with it.
first is alcohol,
next come drugs and third is sex.
Honestly, I have a pretty old fashioned mind
for me virginity is something
that really need to keep.
but teenage is teenage
when we are seriously
like to do reckless thingy.
we feel like trying everything
we feel like drinking until we got wasted
we feel like fucking hard
we feel like taking all those type of drugs.

what ever we do we need
to have boundaries.
have faith.
my late mom taught me
that in life, there are two things,
the good and the bad
the past and the present.
because we choose what we want to do.


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