Tuesday, January 18, 2011

kata kata aluan. heh.

hah. padan muka.
seronok tgk muka cuak sbb kene tipu
dapat teddy gemok. haha.
tak apa lah, tipu for happiness. ada ke?
kalau u ckp, dah 20 tahun hidup, ini saat paling best
I nak cakap yang selama I ada bee bee,
I am so happy u tahu? (:
tak ada apa boleh cakap boleh ucap.
semua tebal mcm buku teks dalam hati.
love that can't be described
I miss you badly.
miss you a lot. hmm.
tak apa lah. we were always meant to be together god's will (:
apa pun. I am still happy
and tak expect langsung in any time on earth
i would come and visit you.
hmmm. do you know how much u mean to me?
I would run a thousand miles just to see ur face.
I would swim thru ocean just to be with you.
I would scarifies everything just for you.
I love you so much.
thanks for simply being there, love.

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