Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a short note for you no.2

dear hisyam baby.

I feel like writing.
so many things I want to tell you.
for god's sake, yes lately I do lots of thinking.
but this time around,
I was wasting my time reading about things
on the internet. so I do google things up.
(because of boredom striking me
while I'm not allowed to do
any physical activities like running etc etc. hee)
I searched for malaysian army to Lubnan etc. etc.
and other countries. after reading some posts,
viewing few pics,
I remember what you said past day.
haaa. things are going to be really tough right?
I remember every single word you told me.
about everything even the small small thing.
well, u pun ada so many things to deal with
in your daily life,
tak apa lah kalau u tak ingat (:
saying about tak apa lah, that particular sentence
sumpah bagi impact sgt besar tau.
for an example,
syg, I nak tidur awal malam ni boleh?
boleh (: *tak apa lah, mesti u penat the whole day ni*
syg, I nak rest nanti I free I text you.
okey (: *tak apa lah mmg bee bee I ni busy kan*
syg, I cuti ni maaf lah tak dapat jumpa you.
okay bee bee *tak apa lah, family comes first kan syg.*

&& the least is nothing more than enough
by having you in my life. Itu sahaja.
btw, I miss you so much.
miss you like fat boy miss eating chocolate
when doc said no more sweet food for him.
I love you with all my heart.
erm, can I scream out loud so the entire
world cud hear me baby? hihi

with love,

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