Thursday, May 20, 2010

chewing ice

chewing ice is like a hobby.
or should i say, it is sumkind of HABIT?
:D however, chewing ice may lead to
anemia? It is a decrease in normal number of red blood cells (RBCs)
or less than the normal quantity of hemoglobin in the blood.
brain freeze,fatigue, bla3.

-Can u choke to death on ice?
yes. If large enough it would not melt. And died from asphyxiation.

okayy, intresting facts:
You can die from choking to death on an ice cube. It may take too long for the ice cube to melt before you can breath. Even if you are able to clear the ice cube out of the airway, you may still have a laryngospasm which is a constriction of the upper airway not allowing air passage which can be caused by the ice cube causing irritation of the upper airway. So even if you able to clear the ice cube, you may not be able to breath and still die!

oh n btw, if it was a big enough piece. :DD

I would thank god for giving me chance to breath
;DD pheww~ (rasa seriously nak mati)
sumpah, tak nak geget ice dah.
:PP haha


  1. agreed. mari makan ice. hehe

  2. u pun sukaa gigit2 ice? hee, hari tu i tertelan ice. hee. tp sukaa, sejuk. kann, :DD imy,btw :)

  3. haha kau lah telan ice cool blog XD

  4. gigit ice sdap kot.. if u were to die chewing on ice it would be a satisfying death.. hahaha. just kidding. but gooooo ice chewer.. hahaha

  5. haha. nicee. satisfying death. :DD cool aite,