Monday, May 24, 2010

smiling while bleeding (:

When I know
things are not meant for me,
I learn to let go.
I learn to not give in so much hopes.
I learn to let things happened on their own.
I learn to smile while my heart bleeding.
I learn to listen but dont fall.
I learn to accept to all things that doesn't make sense.
I learn to remind myself that God the Almighty.
I learn to let myself learning about everything.
I learn to see other's happiness that I've always wanted.
I learn to counsel myself that everyone has their own difficulties in life.
I learn to tell myself that everything happens for reason.
I learn to believe that destiny is out of our control.
I learn to take care of myself.
I learn to compare between white and black.
I learn to accept that dreams are frequent unkind.
I learn to stand up tall and bring back joy to my life.
I learn to see things through the bright side.
I learn to differentiate between fairytales and real things.
I learn to accept other's faults.
I learn to release judgments and increase acceptance of self and others.
I learn to accept who am I.
I learn to prepare myself for future.
I learn to see few beautiful stories that left incomplete.

I learn too much,
sumtimes it makes me sick.
whutever it is.
I am happy, for everything.


  1. also learn that there's something better waiting for you in the future that you least expect, but became the biggest impact in yr life :)

  2. oh my godd. thanks syann. :DD ILY. whut are u saying is totally right. (: thanks babe. (: