Monday, May 31, 2010

syan syan syan

dan gambar gambar lain
seperti guitar hero! , pandangan maut,
michael jackson wannabe, dan banyak lagi
aku decide jadi pekasam.
lawak wey. sumpah.
paling lawak main guitar.
haha. okay2. thanks for d great time.
nanti buat lagi.
i told you two is always enough to make ur day bright,

She is a friend of mine.
She gather me, man.
The pieces I am,
she gather them and give them back to me
in all the right order.
It's good, you know,
when you got a woman
who is a friend of your mind.
~Toni Morrison, Beloved
and I do appreciate each and every single
relationship that I discover.
I love everyone that touches my heart. :')
hakuna matata. ENOUGH.

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