Saturday, March 12, 2011

basketball diaries

okay. it's been month i rest from any sports.
no weight gain for sure, instead i lose some weight (:
oh well that's not the point.
went to court hoping that I can still run.
doing some running and playing one quarter of the game.
It was a bliss. I swear.
It was a total relief and all those pain and tiredness washed away.
running is something i need to flirt with again. please baby.
I need you to play my sport.
I need my ankle to be fine. to run fast and to do anything.
wohoo. I won't stop hoping. fuck la if still hurting then I can't play.
They tell me to rest. but you know, a month of resting feels like a year.
-.-' but then I don't want to be handicap for my entire life. haa.
'cuba jgn degil?'

lagi satu.
Wanting to dismiss our basketball coach for his coach’s job,
simply because of its anonymity,
is the quickest and most obvious solution. It’s also wrong.
en hariz yacob,
tribute to you.
no matter how hard and how loud u screamed in my face,
I really need you to be a part of Valkyrie. seriously.
thanks for everything. thanks a million.
for every single thing.
every problem ends with a solution, coach
trust me.

1 comment:

  1. weh. cane tah aku bole tersampai cni.
    aku pun rindu nak men basket cam sukam r2!
    btw ko knl ak x ni?? hahaha