Wednesday, March 30, 2011

second chance is not a fairytale

I remember last time
when god gives me
a second chance just to
breath again.
That night I was sitting alone
in my ward. All I remember
it was a cold and dark night.
doctor told me that i was
suspected of having
severe acute respiratory syndrome.
after a week of treatment
I thank God because He really loves
me. I cured.
I remember last time,
when I left him with
question marks in his mind
Taut of going to enjoy life to
the fullest. to meet many guys.
To not to be so serious
at young age.
But I was wrong. seems like
he is the best guy I ever met.
He's my number one guy sortaa
like that :D hmm.
whatever it is.
Appreciate the second chance that was
given to you because u deserved it
sometimes. (:

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