Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I know it sounds pathetic but I really like to repeat it many times

and so he goes again.
every night sleeping at his study table.
while I am here waiting for him to reply my text
or even to call me every night saying good night to me.
but well, live as we know it. accept everything.
I know it sounds pathetic.
wanting this and that and so on.
whatever. sure thing. I will not be selfish myself.
hmm. polpol, miss you much with every heartbeat.
again, does it sounds pathetic? haha.
eh eh, sukahati aku la. aku nak tulis apa. -..-
haha. iya lah, I'll wait for you like forever.
I wish forever is real. time is ticking fast.
please I need to be yours cepat cepat.
not that aku dah menggatal nak kahwin.
but I think it'd be fun having a life-partner.
haha. gila dah ni.
I miss you badly. funny how we can stay strong
until this moment of time.
I think it is all because I fall for you like many times.
lebiu much ohokay? :D


  1. yup..the same things happened to me.waiting while he'd already deep in sleep =.="

  2. haha. itu lah pasal :D haha. comel betul diaorg -.-