Tuesday, March 1, 2011

rumit ke life ni?

hallo. it's been a while i haven't write any.
gosh. rasa terbuku buku kat benak ni haa
tak express everything.
well well. macam mana nak start ea?
things been tough recently.
but as i told before,
gelakkan problems tuu diorg jadi
semakin kecil and eventually
hilang. seriously. tak tipu.
let's talk about things that can make us
feel great and to manage stress.
besides praying obviously,
we can do a lot of stuff yang boleh release tension.
we can channel our thoughts and negative feelings to do any
good things, swimming, karaoke-ing,
dance naked, playing video games,
anything lah kann. and hangout with friends :)
and I don't find any objection that
smoking can reduce tension.
seriously I don't.
tak ada apa dah.
life made easy.
ada ada lah, tak ada tak apa kann?
sbb semua benda pun simple
yang buat dia jadi rumit diri
kita sendiri. betul tak? :)

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