Tuesday, March 15, 2011

to a friend i trust most

As we sit beneath the stars.
You buried with silence.
I've told you most of my secrets.
You listen to every and each word of mine.
Thanks for simply being there.
Not that I trust u with all my heart
but I know all those things I've been telling
you'll keep it to yourself.
As I will never find any objection
if you telling any of my secrets to anyone.
Because in you I trusted most.
Thank you very much.
I wasted most of your time by spending
it to listen to my silly stories.
thank you buddy.
u mean a lot to me (:
but up till now, I will never understand this
one line of yours,
"bodoh dia tinggalkan kau nis,"
behind this line, there's one thing I can tell you
that I am not perfect. neither anyone has.

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