Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wordless wednesdayy

I really not into current
trend of many bloggers
about those wordless wednesday
because If you have something
in your mind and you're going
to spill it out, wouldn't it
be so stressful wednesday
cause you can't said a thing.
:D well, logically.

recently I was to busy
searching for my passport.
gawd, if I lost mine, can u imagine
kene pergi report polis,
(infact aku dah ready nak go report
mana lah tahu boleh usha pakcik polis)
kehkeh. tak tak, apa i nak cakap is
penat la, malas pergi report2 tu haa.
ingat aku rajin sgt nak g mereport?
lepas tu pergi misplaced kan passport
lepas tu susahkan orang, lepas tu
tak reti jaga harta sendiri
potpetpotpet kene bebel dgn mak. jyeah !

apa pun kauorang tolong lah faham
aku eksited sgt jumpa passport
semulaaaa. KOH SAMUI oi !
haha. can't F wait -.-'

1 comment:

  1. wordless wednesday sometimes kelakar. especially bila orang tu cakap "wordless wednesday" but still put some words after the picture. like, korang tak tau ke the meaning of wordless?