Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm growing too fast.

mom, do you miss me?
do you missed how I used to be?
do you missed every single time
I asked you for the botol susu?
do you miss sleeping beside me
playing with my hair, kissing me
silently while I sleep?
mom, it kills me too knowing I am a big girl now.
I just can't be the old me.
the one who still holding botol susu
everywhere I go, crying every single day
don't want to go to kindergarten.
I knoww deep inside you miss me
roight? don't denyy me.
I am sorry if I am such failure to you :'(
I love you so much, mak.

no wonder you just
smiling when our little
brother saying that,
anis kan anak kesayangan mak.


  1. faiznur, right? anis is your manja name at home rupenye. i thought, it's just a new nickname friends in uni gave you. btw, enjoy reading your blog. keep writing babe.

  2. yeaa. faiz here :) haha. jauhh kan faez and aniss, i knoww -.-' aaa. thanks kak a'ishah. miss you BTW :D