Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mind blowing. really.

kelakar pun ada
rasa nak kimakk kan
kau pun ada. rasa macam
geli geli pun ada weh.
tapi tak de lah nak hina sangat.
it's your life. malas nak ambil
port. cuma bila dah proven
you are the kind,
so satisfied to know la.
funny when this friend
of mine turn up to me asking me about you.
ya Tuhan, the fact is she's having
feelings for you and that is ghreat.
tak kan lahh I nak halang
she's my friend, u get what I mean.
and there's a thinking macam
oh mai gad. should I tell her the real you
or should I let her hurting the same way
more or less like me?
oh tak, aku tak hurt langsung
malah rasa sangat bersyukur
sebab tahu mmg kita tak hold future together.
thank god. thank god. thank god.
so that's you.
that is the real casanova guy.
the one who tries every girl
you can think off. it's like,
u ada ke, tak ada u ke, I okay je.
macam you have nothing to do in my life.
that's what I should be telling you
when you first asked me last time,
"did I give you any impacts on your life?"
remember I was gahhh, y u asking me
such Q. I was out of words, not because
I am excited about what were you asking
I buried in silence because I'm not that
really much into you. -.-
*I'm in deep shit man.
I faked the answer really,
told you, "you touched my heart."
walawehh. I shouldn't do that
in the first place. so, after that shocking
moment about me friend telling me
having an affair with you,
*not shocking,it's more like predicted. haha*
tak apa lahh, go on with your niat murni
in having her with you.
I quit. it was quite a long time ago.
funny how you get caught red handed.
alamakk. life is still a long journey to go for me.
ini pasal meeting a guy yang dia rasa
oh mai I AM SO HOT
I should be chasing all the girls.
you don't impress me. I swear. haha

*mind you I am very good at faking things.
because cancerians know how to be real good
and how to be really bad, worst than SATAN.

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