Tuesday, August 16, 2011

irritating. they really are.

should I go like,
ohmaii gawddd ! I just coloured my hair
and I'm fucking love it.
*sounds fucking pathetic
yeaa I know. haha.
intro macam gampang.
so here I am
with a longg time not writing
anyy kat bloggie ni haa.

I really want to make a list.
things irritate me most:

1) a person captured his/her own pic using own camera or handphone looking like a twat. (taking own snapp) seriouslyy I don't have to give you an example on what I meant here roight. haha

2) a guy pathetically showing off by uploading his NEW girlfriend pics with a kissing picture and such. mann, it freakingg ugly. seriously -.-

3) a person yang BARU 2-3mins kenal tegur bagai nak rak, like you know me since I'm a kid brahh. like we used to play pondok pondok or guli sama samaa. take it sloww brahh, I do not like harsh people menggelabah and bajet lu cool. haha

4) a person yang suka judge orang lain. eventhou I'm doing it sometimes. but don't go to far laaa. kalau orang tu ada buat taik dgn youu baru lah you balas balik. haha. *do not interfere other's life when you got nothing to deal with. unless you want to be known as useless cuntbag. go ahead brahh.

5) people who wake me up early morning shouting like a crazy person. come onnn don't you know it is very important to have a very good startup day? seriously I feel like pushing you off the cliff you twat.

that's all I can think of
roight now. nanti ada lagi wa
tapi kan weh, haa. this is only
feelings. mcm mana
kitaa nak buat dia jadi
positive vibes is that we look
at all the irritating thingy
as something yang alah,
kimak betul ni benda kecik je weh.
tapi sumpah irritating
rasaa nak gigit kaca sampai patah gigi.
*okayy merapu bye !

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