Saturday, August 20, 2011

no one cares. I don't care a shit either.

being emotional roight noww.
ahh. stress lah.
fahamm tak apa perasaan kau orang
bila parents kau orang treat korang
macam budak budak.
okay for the record semuaa should knoww
mostly apa yang aku buat semuaa
based on parents punya decision :(
so, tolak tambah diorang selalu cakap
I'm not big enough to berdikari.
tak bukan aku nak salah kan parents
hundred percent dalam hal ni.
and yes, it's absolute bout my own self.
the way I make every decision,
things that should make my parents
trust me, well at least give me a chance to
make my own decision & to be
responsible on every decision made.
kalau diorang tak trust aku.
siapa lagi? diri sendiri lah kan?
I have a low self esteem bila borak
pasal family, pasal parents,
pasal siblings. I don't even want to
talk about it either.
why try so hard when no one listens ?
aku pun dah malas nak entertain semuaa orang,
nak impressed semua orang.
aku penat lah. sumpah penat :'(
I've got nothing to impress. No one cares.
even my parents don't care. so?


  1. so not fair when they told us those do n dont thingy..they dont want us to make mistake like they did in past yet they never realise, because of those mistake,turned them to be what they are now..a grownup..kan?

  2. yea. couldn't agree more. pardon me sir, may I know who are you?

  3. im just an anonymous blogwalker..n huruhara69 it is.. :)