Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I was once a gay

having a same sex
relationship is nothing
more or less compared with
men-women love stories.
same sex basically think that
they do not produce offspring
and easy to care each other
based on the mentality of knowing
much more better each other needs.
some common reason why they
become one is basically dumped
from previous normal relationship.
others, family background, education
and et cetera.
I don't have rights to comment on
their behavior. I don't have any
to point out that this and that is haram.
This is an open stuff everyone knows
being gay is wayy against morality.
We still need to respect each other
because of the humanity.
I have nothing to say you seriously need God
you need faith and you need consistency.

change for better :)
you lose nothing, trust me.

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