Tuesday, May 17, 2011

and I don't need you to understand a shit about me.

eh engkau ni comel la.
siapa kau nak decide aku
should have gone thru
the broken hearted phase
for a long period of time or not?
sumpah lawak.
and I don't need you to understand
a shit about me.
only if you are interested with me.
then it sumkind of a problem.
sorry la I don't miss you.
what to do. life is about choices.
life is to live to the fullest.
if you appear as anonymous
by commenting my post,
that counts as tak de teloq.
haha. no hard feelings.
thanks for the advice.
mind you, I never really have
that skill in breaking up others' heart.
kau nak emo apehal?
nak comel comel kucing pulak. haha.
penat lah nak grieve lama lamaa.
dapat apa seyy? sakit hati adalah.
baik kau enjoy enjoy life, hidup chillax je.
ada adalah, tak ada tak apaa.
tapi tu lah. kalau kau sayang orang,
bagi all out. tak rugi apa pun.
in the end, their loss not us kan.
macam ni lah,
we live our own life, yours and mine
are two different path.
thanks for the advice mann.
really appreciate it :)

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