Friday, May 6, 2011

a strict post

okay. mula.
intro: tak suka boleh tapi jangan hina.
maybe ada few yang tak faham.
what the heck is going on dekat
blog aku ni. apesal bunyi dah
macam palat je kan. haha
sini aku try explain.
the fact is the person I love the most
did a very very unpleasing thing.
I wonder how he could hide all
those feelings and pretend to love me
but in the same time he's liking or loving
other girls? It sounds pathetic. really is.
no im not hina, I'm telling.
I will not ask you or begging you for a
explanation or anything.
It's not about hearing from other sides tau.
I'm considering about the past 2 months too.
Where the heck our love went?
I just don't feel you there. see? instinct speaks
louder than anything and the end,
it'll shows you the truth. truth hurts yeaa.
macam mana nak cakap eh?
kau tahu tak sayang aku kat kau tu
kalau dalam bahasa melayu,
aku sayang kau sampai mati.
tapi english version dia,
I love you to death even I promised you
We lived for forever. DON'T YOU REMEMBER?
alamak, semua pathetic, I don't believe every single
thing anymore. I told my mom, she said
let him go, life is sill a long way to go.
10 months for god sake.
well at least a fake happiness can really
make me feel happy. I appreciated.
thanks a lot. stop reading with kesian okay,
I'm fine. I'm totally fine.
amore, I am upset with you and mad.
seriously I am. but you'll know i'll be fine later.
and hisyam, apa you dapat buat I macam ni?
you tinggal orang yang sayang you
separuh nyawa dia? happy? suka lah kan?
tak apa. world is around. so do karma.
we'll see your part.
your drama is coming to the end.
I'm having a heartache almost giving up
on life. but again, life is still a long way to go.
I don't intend to meet you in my
next chapter of life. get away from me.
do you understand me? because u hurt me badly.
I feel fucked up. you happy rite by hurting me?
thank you. I don't know where went wrong
& yes, I am not perfect. never will i be.
you go find other girl that can love you
for half or maybe all her soul and body like
you love amore 100% soul & body.
it's pathetic. really. seriously.
mak kirim salam.
and oh, aku demam sebab kau tunggu nak mati je ni.
kau tak kesah kan? sbb the fact is
kau tak kisah pun pasal aku. kau saja nak main mainkan
feelings aku. terima kasih banyak banyak.
aku quit. bukan loser, tunggu org lain.
reserved sayang aku untuk orang yang deserve.
or else, aku mmg tak pernah layak
untuk siapa siapa pun. yeaa, panggil la aku loser.
tak kesah pun. so long lahh.
I'm tired of everything.
everything means nothing.
forever does not exist.
truth hurts, I love you. still.


  1. sayang...
    sabar ye...
    believe that what goes around comes around...
    chill k...

  2. yo ensem, proud being single k ~

  3. you deserve someone better. dont waste it for another loser