Monday, May 16, 2011

rules of loving

kau stop sayang orang yang tak sayang kau weh.

itu intro je. tak ada kene mengena
dengan apa I'm about to write.
mind you moving on is not that hard after all.
why took so long to mend your
broken heart. oh yeaaa,
let me tell you one secret.
in order to have a solid strong heart
you must allowed you heart to be
broken more or less ten to twenty times.
& I've been in that situation.
having a broken heart is not fun.
who likes it anywayyy?
tipu aku heart broken bnyk kali?
comeon, ni secret number 2.
bila kau ada soul connection
dengan someone, make it worth it.
feel it. love them with all your heart.
appreciate every second u spend seriously. skandal ke,
serious ke. lantak p la.
tapi bila you being with them,
remember, the vow of falling with
fully hearted is vital.
tgk, bila kene hurt, (i don't like calling it dumb)
kau heart broken, make it 10 times,
your heart will get stronger.
stronger macam mana?
macam ni, you'll learn how to
expect, allow and accept.
kalau ada adalah, kalau tak ada tak apa.
faham tak? jgn grieve lama lama
life is to live to the fullest. remeber that.