Sunday, May 8, 2011

ya tuhan, muda masih panjang (:

I moved on.
I don't dare to
let myself grieving
for too long.
such a waste of time.
because I have a lot of things
and many handsome and pretty
people around me.
they annoy me when I'm
about feeling down. haha.
bodoh tak bertempat.
had a great time spending
with them. love will come
when you do the things you love
together (:
take it or leave it.
life is love yourself to the fullest.
buang masa tahu, down lama lama
sebab hilang orang sebab putus cinta.
geli sikit :B haha.
dah lah, benda dah lepas, meh
kita live for future pulak.
dont get blurry with your past
and present and future.
you may end up gila. haha.


  1. yup2. be strong. lupakan benda yg lepas. hidup mesti diteruskan. :)