Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm thinking about you

maybe we were never meant to be together
we share tears laughters and interest.
you showed me you've been telling me about life.
I do anything in my power to be there for you
whenever you need me, I like you anyway,
you've been a good company to me. thanks.

and hello,
did you remember the night i sang
one in a million song by neyo to you?
I could just said it i meant it. but it was so soon.
short meeting but I like you. you're hot (:
eh, we'll meet someday, come over lah.
it's not that farr :) like it so much when you say,
miss you too actually. you're so sweet (:

everything is pathetic.
I guess that love wasn't enough.
spread your love like it is the last day
of your life. appreciate everyone around you
even thou they showed up for a while
and even thou they fooling around with your feelings.
because the rule of being a player is,
always has backups :)

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