Sunday, May 15, 2011

the feeling after a good workout

oh my goddddd
and my abdomen is hurting
and all my muscles all over
me body is contracting
and I find it hard to move.
demmit. sakit weh sakit.
haha. tapi serious best.
tahu tak best macam mana?
best sbb rasa sengal sengal
rasa puas after you've
done the workout effectively.
i like this feeling much.
the microtiny tear of the muscles
that will recover with another
joining muscles is the best
feeling besides sitting at the libry
looking books at the shelves
and get high after smelling and looking
at all over the libry.
hahaha. *bridge, 1min 10sets -..-'*


  1. Bridging? 1 mins 10 sets? Haha wow!

  2. haa.lepas tu 6 paxs la. hahaha -.-'