Tuesday, May 31, 2011

because love is not the oxygen u breath for living

there's a time
bila orang tanya aku
are you okayyy?
said, yeah, im fine.
doing great, life made easy.
but the fact is I'm hurting
deeply on the inside.
I can fake all those smiles
I can tell everyone I'm
doing just fine.
but the fact is, I'm fucked up.
the real feeling is that I feel
nothing. empty. I don't know
what shud I feel. should I grieve
or should I be happy and moved on.
I'm moving on thou.
Fuck all craps.
macam ni lah. last night I asked
someone. what is one of your biggest fear?
I told mine. it's predicted as always.
I fear love a lot. I dont trust on relationship
love is overrated.
I mean why giving up so much when
all you get in return is nothing? (:
I'm a person that fall hard for someone.
a person that devoted, giving all I can
to the person I love most.
trust me, you'll never get better than me
because I'm obviously the best.
:) and im not going to waste it.never. (:

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